WhatsApp Group 

What are groups on WhatsApp?

Groups on WhatsApp are nothing more than group chats. However, with the proper ability to lead a group, the administrator can turn it into a kind of social network. After all, each participant will be able to upload pictures, audio and video, as well as share thoughts with other members of the group. Of course, participants can continue to communicate in private chat.

The administrator can add new members, delete them, appoint new administrators, change the name of the group and its avatar. Of course, you can talk for a long time not only about how to find a group on WhatsApp and what you can do in it ... But it’s better to try creating your own right now or joining an existing one.

How to find a group and be invited to it?

If the user is a very sociable person, sooner or later the list of users, chats and groups will grow very significantly. And naturally, he will be interested in how to find a group in WhatsApp by name. This is easy to do.

To do this, you need:

- Download WhatsApp
- being on the Chats screen, press the button in the form of a magnifying glass at the top of the screen;
- in the search field, start typing the name of the group or its part;
- the most suitable options by name will be shown - not only groups, but also users.

On the Internet there are special resources, public and groups that allow you to search for groups in WhatsApp by interests. To become a member, you must contact the group administrator. But, before you find a group in Vatsap this way, you need to understand that this will make your phone number available to many people.

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